rave: nephew sitting - day 2

it's friday!!!

wait...that means something totally different when you're nephew-sitting.  that means there is only one more day till they are home all day for 2 whole days...uh oh. :P  time to come up with some creative ways to keep two boys amused the entire weekend. also, that meant thoughts..r.un..n.in..g had to go back to the land of sugar to wait for her own two nieces. 

the boys once again had excitement filled days.  np1 went to discovery camp at john cooper school in the morning.  they made a flower necklace from paper and they played in the real school gym. np2 had play ball at the rec center in the morning.  it was fun to watch 4 little boys get super excited about throwing, hitting and kicking balls around. they were all so excited that they couldn't even stay on their shapes half the time.

after some lunch, a nap, and a trip through the carpool line, the boys did a treasure hunt for their surprise. (they each get a present from mommy and daddy everyday while the parents are gone...lucky boys!) the each received a bakugan...so a grand scale battle ensued.

we ate dinner early so the boys could go for a drive...

Zoom zoom



the adults chased after the boys. np1 took his driving very seriously. he stayed on the left and kept both hands on the steering wheel at all time.  np2 on the other hand was cruising. he had his shades on, drove with one hand on the wheel the other arm resting on the door. he'd also weave around...testing out his tires..haha!

after "driving around" we headed to orange leaf for some frozen yogurt and made a quick trip to HEB for some milk and eggs.  i had much difficulty managing the race car shopping carts.  there were many close calls and back-up-and-try-agains.  but with my mommy guiding up front we got out of the store undamaged...and with what we needed.

so day 2 ends with two exhausted boys...with one who sleeps in funny positions sleeping in one of the strangest ones to date.

Weird sleeping position

still not sure how he was getting enough air...


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