rave: nephew sitting - day 3

saturday started....early.

we thought the boys would have been tired after a very full friday, but apparently np2 had other plans. this boy normally is an early riser. he's usually singing and talking in bed at around 8am-ish.  and he'll be content doing that for a while.  for some reason this morning, he decided he would wake up at 7:30 am then scream for grandma around 7:45 am. i followed at 8:15 and grumpily, np1 joined us at 9:00.  he was NOT thrilled.  he's the deep sleeper...the one who loves to sleep in...just like his mommy. he made sure to let his little brother know that he was not happy about being up early and that he "needed his rest and wanted to sleep more on saturday since he has very busy weekdays."

so after a quick breakfast and lots of coffee for me and grandma, the boys hunted for their surprise.  today they each received a mini lego set.  np1 received two super cool racing motorcycles and np2 received a toy story set that consisted of the green army men. my, legos sure have come a long way! np1 was very nice and helpful.  he first put together his brother's toy then his own.  they happily played together for a bit.

Green Army Men

Super Cool Racers

for lunch we decided head to the mall.  the boys have recently discovered sonics. i will admit not the healthiest thing i've eaten on my visit, but it's been a while since i've had tots and strawberry limeade...yum! the boys each had grilled cheese with apples with some popcorn chicken and mommy and i shared a grilled chicken wrap and all the boys leftovers. :P

Bad for my diet

since it was crazy hot and humid i was grateful for the air conditioned play area that was there. the boys got to run around and play for a while...np1 even ran into a friend from discovery camp!

after a quick stop at the candy store, we headed home so naps and homework could be done. grandpa soon arrived to provide additional parental presences. then me and the boys went swimming while grandma made dinner. we played and splashed and hunted for treasures and fought pirates till everyone was hungry. dinner was eaten and the a quick round of mcqueen board game and toy story alien kerplunk it was time for bible stories, teeth brushing, face washing, nose blowing, 100 hugs and kisses, story time and finally bed time!

once we had the little people in bed, my mommy and i moved on to the task of feeding their pet african frogs. 

African frogs

these two frogs are crazy.  the bigger one eats ALL the food. the little one...well...i think he's a short bus frog.  he won't even eat food if it is right in front of him. instead he'll bite the bigger one and pick a fight.  we were both yelling at them and taping the tank. i have to say i felt a little like a crazy person yelling at the frogs and trying to make one eat.  sadly little frog did not get any pellets today.  according to mommy, the little on hasn't eaten a single pellet of food since they brought them home.  so i wonder what he's been eating...and how long they will survive.

everyone is now having sweet dreams and no bedbugs biting...so it's my turn. 'night!


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