rave: $10 off $30 bath and body works coupon

here's a great coupon for bath and bodyworks just in time for mother's day. and if use the wexler products, all their eye creams are $10 off too.
if you have not tried the wexler face products, i highly recommend you do if you are looking for a new skin care regiment. i've been using it for over a year now and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. my skin is clear, smooth, and healthy. i no longer break-out every month and my skin just feels and looks better. what i love most about this line is that there is an adult acne line. it helps with acne and has the anti-aging element. i looked for a really long time to find a product out there that has both, but usually it's one or the other. and it's great because you can mix and match after trying the starter kits.
i admit it is pricier than the target/grocery store face care line, but the investment is worth it. products last a long time...i purchase new face wash every 10 months or so and moisturizers and creams about 12 months+. and i'll admit it, i'm vain...i don't want wrinkles. so i'm willing to make the investment. but also, it is cheaper than most department store/major cosmetic lines face products. so, it's middle of the road, but it really worked for me.


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