rant: funk

i've been in a funk all day. not sure why...just feeling very...off. can't put my finger on it either. wish i could then maybe i would know how to get out of said funk. it's weird. i don't want to be at work, i don't want to go somewhere else, and i don't even want to go home. i just want to be somewhere else. it's like i want to run away...but with no where to go. my stomach has been weird all day...not hungry but wanting to eat. feeling anxious but for absolutely no reason. to be very honest, it was a really laid back day. no stress, no crazies, no impossible questions or task. just a day at the office.

weird huh?

so now what? what do i do? maybe i should just sleep it off...but i think i'm to anxious to sleep. a glass of wine? go for run? none of those things seem right. i'm starting to think this is a vicious cycle...let's hope this all goes away by tomorrow morning. i am going to resort to what works best...vegging out in front of the tv and turning my brain off.


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