rant: chocolate chart for dogs

all dog owners should know that chocolate is bad for dogs and should do everything to keep it out of reach. chocolate contains theobromine which can cause dogs to vomit, have seizures and even die. but sometimes our four-legged pals get resourceful and down right tricky and get into some. the big question, is how much is too much?

i will be perfectly honest and my pup has gotten into his fair share over his 8+ years. every time i panic and try to induce vomiting (if i catch him in time) because i worry that he'll die. (to be very honest, with both times nothing happened. just a tad bit hyper...and an expensive vet bill.) but national geographics' website has a very helpful interactive chart. this chocolate chart helps you see about how much of different types of chocolate ingested by said pup may cause what kind of reaction since different types of chocolate contain different amounts of cocoa/theobromine. very useful to have on hand...all dog owners should bookmark that chart for future reference.


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