rant: twilight obsession

okay...i'll admit it. i am totally obsessed with the twilight series by stephenie meyer.

in the beginning, i was one of those who was like "whatever" when all the hoopla started with the series. to me, it was like the whole harry potter hype. (i never understood that one either.) so, i didn't fall into the trap of wanting to read the books. i wasn't excited when the movie came out. i didn't even have any desires to watch it. (not really a fan of vampires.) then one night b brought it home from the redbox. (he's obsessed withe redbox.) so i stayed up and watched it while doing some work on my computer. and that did it. i got totally sucked in. i needed to know what happened...not just the movie version, since we all know things get left out of movies. i needed to read the books...all of them...and find out what happens to bella, edward and jacob. to say the least, i was bitten.

so 10 days and 2,379 pages later, i finished all four books. i don't think i've ever read that many pages in so few days and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. i couldn't get enough...i mean, it was bad. i would read for hours and it would not be enough. i was addicted. i wanted to read it all the time...at work, after work, before bed. and when i wasn't reading it, i was trying to figure out when i could get my next "fix". now that i'm done, i want to read them again and can't wait for midnight sun to come out. (no, i have not read the leaked version. i have refrained and will hold out for the published one.)

to be very honest, i didn't think i'd like the first book, twilight, much less the whole series. i was so sure that i wasn't going to like it, i purchased it digitally for my iphone via the kindle app. i am a huge fan of owning books. i like to physically have them, the feel the weight in my hands, to turn the pages, to display them on shelves. i obviously didn't feel that the series was worth buying physically at that time. boy was i wrong! the only good thing is that as soon as i was done with book one, i was immediately able to purchase the other three and start reading. also, having them located on my iphone made for easier transport and easily hide-able!

stephenie meyer has a way of drawing you into the story. her characters have a mystery to them even as the details unfold. she has a way of telling their stories with out giving away the story. i really could not believe what a page turner the series is. it is amazing that twilight was her first published book...and it all started off as a dream she had.

so now i have joined the throngs of tweens and adults who are obsessed. but at least i'm not alone. i found out this weekend my sister has also been bitten. we bonded over the obsession...she just started book 4...and she started reading the series 5 days ago. can't wait to see new moon the movie in november! i think we'll have a sister's night out...


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