rave: point of view through a polaroid

was browsing through some blogs (thanks brooks!) during my lunch and came across this amazing documentary of one man's life. His name is Jamie Livingston and from March 31, 1979 -October 25, 1997 (the day he died), he took at least one photo a day...with a polaroid camera. what started out as a project in college, ended up being a visual documentary of his life. i wonder when he started, did he think he would document his own death also. i wonder if he knew that he'd have 18 years of his life in over 6,000 poloarids. it shows everything...from the best memories to the day of his death and everything in between. His friends wanted to honor him and pass on his unique and creative view of the world so they set up an exhibit at the Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College with all his photos and a website. i'd encourage anyone to check it out. it puts life in perspective. i will admit it is hard to look at the photos of him as he battles cancer. but it's real and some is going through the same thing right now. so book mark this remarkable site and take yourself through one man's life and appreciate everyday your are given.
*photo above is take by Jamie Livingston on March 30, 1991


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