rave: wwdc 2008 + iPhone 3G = envy

my phone envy has grown uncontrollable. i am now determined to have one...even though at&t is increasing data plans by $10 and locking you into a 2 year contract so you can't upgrade your iPhone if steve jobs decides to create a better one next year. but i don't care!!! i want it and i want it now! :) well, i have to wait till august for my t-mobile contract to end then it will be mine! (i've even convinced b that he needs one too. i tricked him by saying that we'll save money with the family plan. mwahhhhaaa!)
is it horrible that in the bad economic times we are in where gas is $4.00 a gallon in texas, i want to shell out $200-$300 for a phone? am i such a bad person? can i call it an investment so i can feel better about myself? after watching the 2008 wwdc keynote speech, i was totally hooked...i was even convinced that i needed to pay $99/year for mobile me. yes, i too needed my personal email, contacts, photos and calendar events pushed to me via the cloud. that steve jobs is good. he could probably sell rat infested houses and people would flock. seriously, they say that the blackberry is like crack, but i think apple is the new crack...better, stronger, and more addictive. since my g4 powerbook, i am addicted to all things mac. about 2 months ago, i even considered purchasing a mac pro bundle for $3k+. the mac pro 2.8 Ghz 8 core with 10gb of ram, 500gb harddrive, superdrive, 8800gt plus a 23 inch cinema display.

do i need it? no. do i edit movies or produce music? no. do i even do hard core graphic design work that my powerbook can't handle? nope. just want it. it's pretty and it's got 2 quad core processors and the display is hd quality! do i need a $3k+ machine to check my email, surf facebook and upload photos? not one bit. but eventually i will purchase another mac. its just a matter of time. damn steve jobs for making his products so pretty and appealing especially to women. he knows we are suckers for purchasing things just based on prettiness and cuteness. and everything about apple is pretty and cute...even the logo.

sigh...back to work on my ugly dell desktop circa 1995 with its big o'l crt monitor.


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