rave: kashi chicken florentine

wow...it's been a while. i've been lazy. but now that i have work to avoid working on, i guess i'll start blogging again :) so, i'm starting simple...lunch.

being that i've now been locked away in my office to do crazy stuff for work, i've taken to eating at the office again. i was getting tired of soups and lean cuisines, so yesterday at heb i decided to purchase a couple kashi meals to try. i've like their cereals...so why not. today i tried chicken florentine. i have to say not bad at all...actually quite good and filling. larger portion than lean cuisines and very grainy with good texture and very lean chicken. so two thumbs up...but i do warn, this one is quite garlicy. i've eaten a banana and brushed my teeth and can still taste it. so here's to healthy whole grain eating.


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