rant: no more rent

After nearly a 12 year run, RENT will close it's Broadway doors in June of 2008. If you haven't seen the musical, go see it. and I'm not talking about the movie, even though it was very good. It came out my jr. year of high school and had a significant impact on me. it opened my eyes to a world different than my own and their struggles. it also made me realize what they dealt was not always so different than ours or what happened in our community. around the last performance of my senior year, a friend/classmate of mine died in a horrible car accident. i remember all of us sitting around in the choir room rehearsing the songs from RENT and how it helped us grieve but more important remember her and that life is fragile.

Even today, when I hear the songs or something about RENT, it brings back a world of memories...of high school, of varsity singers, of my friend...and i smile.


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