rant: gas shortage or being shorted on gas?

do you sometimes feel that you aren't getting as much gas as the pumps says? the truth is, sometimes you really aren't. in texas now, the state aggriculture department has made public the fuel station out of compliance report. the information is on the stations that have been out of compliance for the past 60 days. this report is updated periodically and is current only as of the date indicated in the header of the report. They even provide the definitions of the offenses. some offense are minor and are not harmful to consumers, such as "LED Outage" but others are more serious. austin has a handful with major violations, mainly with smaller gas stations. houston on the other hand, lots that are shorting people. it's bad enough that it takes $50-$60 to fill up my camry these days...i don't need people shorting me on gas. check out the list before you go fill up.


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