rant: baby einsteins: not so smart after all via time.com

so apparently you can't increase your child's ability to learn words and/or increase their intellegence with a dvd. shocking! :) click here to read the whole article.

but in all reality, seriously, when you have a 3.5 year old and an 9 month old both screaming at you and the 9 month does the whole baby projectile vomiting thing from crying so hard and the other one is throwing himself on the floor wanting your attention, the tv, dvds and a remote is your best way to get a moment to catch your breath. it may not be the best thing for them, but it's better than than losing it.

thoughts anyone?


King Kong Rah Rah Rah said...

i find when i have to use the television to take a break there's usually a good pbs show on (curious george, zoboomafoo). because it's pbs, there are no commercials ;)

of course with uncle Ben in town, Xiaozhuzhu has been watching the Simpsons o_O

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