rant: rest in peace marvin zindler

for those who grew up in houston, i'm sure you remember marvin zindler of channel 13 news. he lost his battle with cancer today. he was 85 years old.
"Known for his trademark white hairpieces, blue lenses and signature sign-off, Marvin was a fearless, flamboyant and trail-blazing broadcaster. His nightly reports helped create a new genre of broadcast journalism that became a staple in television newsrooms across the country. Marvin Zindler made his mark as a consumer advocacy reporter and was one of the first in Houston to investigate controversial issues and institutions." rest in peace marvin. houston has lost one of its greatest advocates.
to see more of his 13 year career at channel 13, visit their website.


King Kong Rah Rah Rah said...

a houston icon has passed.

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