rave: target + neiman marcus = omg

Last week I read the announcement and I had to double check.  And it's true: TargetNeiman Marcus are doing a collaboration! And it is a BIG one: A limited-edition holiday collection of gifts featuring 24 of America’s most preeminent designers is in the works. 

Together, the two companies have enlisted their designer friends to create a collection of more than 50 gifting products, from apparel and home décor to pet products, sporting goods and more. The collection will hits all Target and Neiman Marcus stores AND Target.com and NeimanMarcus.com on December 1. 

All of the participating designers are members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which is why Target and Neiman Marcus will be donating $1 million to the organization. The donation will be used to support fashion design talent through scholarships, mentoring and business development programs.

Today, both blogs shared a video with us showing the world a sneak peak of the super secret stuff that has been happening for months now. (I'm still not sure how they kept this major news with so many people involved quiet for so long without any info being leaked. They must have tapped into the Apple/Steve Jobs method.) Cameos from some of the designers and "stuff" they are working (and their fabulous offices!) is great eye candy. So watch it! 

The anticipation of seeing finished products is killing me. *sigh* Now I'm super excited about holiday shopping.  I better start saving my pennies...

To stay in the loop as new information becomes available in the months ahead, please visit NMdaily.com and ABullseyeView.com regularly. On Twitter, please follow @NeimanMarcus@ABullseyeView and #Holiday24 for the latest buzz.


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