rant: I've been bitten...

by the home improvement bug. Seriously, this is getting out of control. Who knew that by cleaning and reorganizing my closet and deep cleaning the kitchen (part 1...part 2 happens tomorrow) it would suddenly inspire an obsession in renovating. So this is my current list:

Granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. I'm leaving this one to the pros. Leaning towards Kashmir White granite or something along those lines. And since I'm replacing counter tops in the kitchen...
Backsplash update in then kitchen. Leaning towards subway tiles or mini subway tiles. I'm having internal debates about how the smaller mosaic type tiles will hold up in 5-7 years. Will they look dated? Also not sure if I like the busyness of the look.
Bathroom fixtures, lights and mirrors. Might as well update. Especially the faucets but putting up framed mirrors will also help. May possibly DIY the master mirror by framing it with moulding due to sheer size.
Kitchen cabinets. My contractor confirmed that my doors and fronts are wood so i can sand and stain them (Yah!) I plan to DIY them. (I've lost my mind.) Here's to 3-6 weeks where my kitchen will be taped off to look like a scene from contagion.
Paint. I want to repaint the entire interior...by myself. (Yes I'm insane.) After some discussion and though I have come to the conclusion I will commit to painting the master bath and bedroom. I may possibly paint the second bathroom since it is a crazy red with a faux finish so I can't match paint to fix the dings. The rest of the house I plan to ignore...for now.
Fireplace. I want to try and tile over the big pink brick giant in the room with some ledge stone. If is screw up the ill have someone fix it :)
Bathroom shower. Need to re-caulk all the silicone since it looks gross. Simple enough.
Kitchen island. I want to DIY a kitchen island out of kitchen cabinets, the put casters on it and have the guys replacing my counter tops install a slab of granite/butcher block on top. Anyone want to help me?!?
Front door. Replace it. Just found out that everyone at home depot/lowes and lots on the interweb are on crack. I don't HAVE to replace the frame also. I can just replace the door and hardware. My contractor is awesome.

I think that is it so far. I've lost my mind and I'm going to give my husband a heart attack.

Damn you pinterest.


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