rant: tom colicchio's spicy fish stew

just saw tom colicchio post this on his twitter...think i'm gonna try this later in the week.  hope he post an actual recipe one day :)

Tom Colicchio's Spicy Fish Stew

Sweat Pancetta

add chilies, cook gently for 2 minutes

Add two bunches green onion, white part only, reserve green top. 1 knob ginger julienned & 3 cloves of garlic. cook for 3-4 minutes

Add 1 cup white wine

Add 2 dz. title neck clams, cover cook on medium until the clams open

Remove clams set aside and keep warm add 6 oz flaky white fish, I used cod.
add sprig of basil, cook covered 2-4 m

Add small cherry tomatoes

add bay scallops gently place clams back add chopped green onion tops. 

Add blanched bok choy

Finish with chopped basil and dill & a generous squeeze of Lime


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