rave: bhldn

if you're getting married or just love to look at wedding eye candy, you need to check out BHLDN.
BHLDN is a fairly new wedding/event/speciality line that is brought to you by the lovely people of anthropologie.  everything has a one-of-a-kind feel, very much the traditional look with a slight twist to make items heirloom worthy.  

it is also a wonderful place for diy-ers to get ideas if you are crafty.  many of the items (especially in decor) provide a great springboard for those of us who do not have unlimited wedding budgets.

so take a poke around their website.  
or if you are lucky enough to live in houston, tx you can visit their only brick and mortar location

below are just some of my favorite things i've seen over the last couple months. 

if i could have another wedding, i would LOVE to wear this dress.


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