rave: tech, gadget, gizmo, & of course apple geek week...

with CES and MacWorld Expo both happening in the same week...CES in las vegas and MWE in san francisico...it is going to be a very exciting week for the tech savvy & gadget enthusiast crowd. i don't really fall into either category, but it does peak my interest some. besides i'm a huge apple fan. so it'll be interesting what comes of both.

the rumors of apple coming out with a cell phone has cause a couple (sony & verizon) to launch new products in the past 24 hrs. no doubt both of these will be a CES and no doubt there will be more. there are ALOT of rumors flying around...so great, so eh...but i'm waiting to hear the actual new. it'll be fun. also, there is an apple rumor (haha...that is gwyneth's and demi's daughters!) that they are coming out with an iTV. it allows you to transfer tv shows and movies to you computer wirelessly :)

if you don't have time to research and read all the news, here are a couple blogs of some enthusiast who are attending the two events.


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