rant: birds in austin - flu the coupe?

well not really but...

"Health officials say dozens of dead birds discovered Monday along Congress Avenue in downtown Austin pose no health risk to the public.

Air quality tests conducted at the site where the 63 dead pigeons, grackles and sparrows were found have come back negative. As a precaution, the chief health official for the area, Adolfo Valadez, said some of the birds will be sent to the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa, and Texas A&M University for further testing. Valadez said they want to rule out poisoning or viral infections as a possibility. Officials do not believe the deaths were caused by avian flu.

Police closed down the area Monday morning after a passerby found the dead birds at about 3 a.m. All businesses and offices stayed closed and people weren't allowed in to work. Traffic was also heavy because of the detour.

A Homeland Security spokesman said there is "no credible intelligence'' that suggests a threat against Austin

By: News 8 Austin Staff

now you know that austin's really getting to be a city...first toll roads, now bird flu scares.
well at least b got a half day today...his office is right on congress ave :)


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