rave: happy birthday kiara! and a fun filled weekend!

first things first...

(sorry for the 2005 birthday picture...i'll replace with updated one soon!)
happy birthday Kiara!
hope you had a wild, fun, wonderful, great time this weekend.
may all your gifts bring you much joy :)

This entire weekend was quite fun-filled...friday evening b and i had dinner with our friend's teddy and lie an (also newlyweds...congrats!) and james, sue and baby rylie. we went to 1st chinese bbq at the new austin chinatown. we had a great time catching up, enjoying some great food and watching baby rylie paint her face with food! we'll have to do it again soon :)
saturday, we had a pretty laid back morning...he then ventured off to play off and i went to get a mani to get ready to go to the governor's gala. i apparently had the TOTALLY wrong idea of what this event was. i was going as a +1 to promote my friend's company...smoochzing as it is called in the industry...and had very little info to go on. so my first impression was that this was an event for the the governor of texas...as in rick perry. well to my surprise, i show up and we walk in to the event and person speaking keeps saying "governor" and rick perry is no where in site. we sit down at our table and i look at the program and it kept saying governor royce west?!!??! yeah, exactly my point...anyhoo...to make the point...one day a year, the governor and lt. governor leave the state so the state senator can be governor for the day...hence this event. yes...my same reaction..."ahhhh....now i see..." either way it was fun. i got to put on my pretty sue wong ballgown and get all dolled up. and right after that, i went to the wild birthday party for kiara. i was way behind on the festivities, but had tons of fun dancing and drinking and just girl bonding.
i have to admit by sunday morning, i was paying for it...way too much alcohol. so i started off a little slow, but the day picked up. we took b's bmw to the shop, then went to dimsum at t&s seafood resturant. then b wanted to go to the round rock outlet mall (yea baby!) i was happy and suprised he wanted to go shopping...no objections here! so off we went...we both did a little damage...he got some nice shoes from bostonian, a couple sweaters, shirt and belt from banana, i got a work shirt from ck, 2 dresses from bcbg, and some baby clothes at gymboree for olivia grace. we then headed over to the new ikea next door and took a stroll around to see all the cool stuff. saw some great kitchens and closets! after all that shopping and walking around we were starving...so off to gattiland we went to satisfy b's pizza craving...i have to admit, it was gooood :) after my fill of pizza, salad, pasta and dessert pizza...food coma hit me hard...i almost dozed off there!

so here's to another work week...thank goodness it is a short one. i have a feeling from this point on, our weekends are going to be packed...


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