rant: banded together - updated :)

just got word our wedding rings are done and on the way :) Kenny told us 6 weeks, but it's only been 3...so i'm excited. I feel naked without my engagement ring. i also have moments of panic when i don't see or feel it on my hand and i forget the jeweler has it. nice to not have those little panic attacks anymore. can't wait to see them!

So the rings arrived at my sister's place yesterday and she was nice enough to take some lovely pictures and send them to me. They are exactly what we wanted and look amazing! he even buffed out my e-ring to look new. If you need a jeweler, Kenny at Supreme Gems is you guy...his craftmanship is excellent. He even impressed my sister and bro-in-law who have very high standards for their bling :) so here are some pictures of the lovely baubles.

so the wedding is for real, huh?


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