rave: project runway season 3, episode 2

first off...yes, i am addicted to the show...now leave me alone :)

on to epsisode 2...
challenge: evening gown for Miss USA Tara Conner for the Miss Universe Pagent. and to work in teams of 2.
so obviously, there is one designer who had an edge on the rest of the group...Kayne. his whole niche is pagent gowns...so he paired up with robert, and they worked fabulously together. the most annoying person...angela...hands down! and i so think she should have been out! a) she didn't even do a sketch or prepare a presentation, which was part one one of the task. b) she obviously knew that kayne had a bit of an advantage and kept pestering him to pick her instead of working on her own design. c) once she got assigned to someone...oops i mean picked...last...she complained the whole time and would not execute the designers vision just because it wasn't hers (and it was a pretty dress, might i add). which was probably a good thing since she didn't have a vision to begin with. the model would have been wearing nothing if they followed her vision! unfortunately, even with out crazy nina garcia, they still didn't out the lazy one. side bar: she wasn't the only dysfunctional one...her partner in crime vincent was a nut case too...so two crazies do not equal sanity. instead malan went home. although i feel he is creepy and a bit cocky, i think he is so much more talented than angela. so all in all, there were 3 really beautiful dresses, but only one that was truly a pagent worthy gown. of course kayne and robert won...which they deserved. I watched the end of the Miss Universe Pagent last night and Tara made it into the top 5. the dress looked amazing on her...i would have never guessed it to have only cost $300.
if i were to choose one to wear, it would have been uli's. love how flowy and beautiful the back of the gown was. So until wednesday...

bonus point: vera wang was guest judge...too cool...


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