Rant: +1

I've added another year to my age. And it's amazing how time flys. It feels like yesterday that I had just finished college. But the reality is that my 10yr high school reunion is only 12 months away. I've enjoyed grow up. I have no qualms about getting older. I do feel it though. I enjoy the quite times at home or nights just sitting around with friends and just chatting and having wine instead of partying all night long from Thursday thru Saturday. I have also learned the value of true friendships over the years. It's not the number of people who shows up at your house, but who shows up. And I've learned that the hard way. I've burned some bridges in my life that I wish I hadn't. But I can at least say that they were a part of my life and have left their fingerprint on me being who I am.

In reflecting on who I've become over the last 27 years, I can see how time has changed me...for better and for worse. Some are double edged swords. I've become less naive...I'm not as guliable. I don't just believe everything that is said to me. But I've also become less trusting. I look at people and thing with a little bit of skepticism. I've learned the value of the dollar. I spend more carefully and realize that it's hard paying bills. At the same time, I find my self working for more money and working less for what I believe in or am passionate about. I've learned not to waste time. Time is precious...and there is so much to be enjoyed in life, why waste any of it. But I do find that I'm less patient. Sometime I just forget to stop and smell the roses and enjoy what I do have. I try so hard to accomplish more that I forget to enjoy what I have accomplished or have in front of me.

I guess this is what they call growing up. I'm grateful for my growth and lessons learned and hope that I never stop learning. At the same time, I need remember the simple joys of life. To many more +1s...


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