Texas Winter

So winter is making a late appearance again this year in Texas. I'm not suprised...just not thrilled. I got suckered in to being a water station captain for the Freescale Marathon this weekend. I wasn't thrilled that my long weekend was ruined, but I thought this could be fun. Anways, I know how hard it is to run 26+ miles. It's nice to have people cheering for you. The only bummer,at first, was that I would have to be at my stop by 6am...yes...6am on a Sunday morning. Then the speculations of a cold front blowing in thursday and friday started surfacing around Tuesday. Then yesterday, cold but no rain for sunday. This morning, freezing rain all weekend long. So, now I'm just hoping that it's going to freeze over and that APD is going to close the roads. That is the only way the Marathon will not happen. I know it's not fair and quite mean for those who have traveled far and wide to come run so they can qualify for the Boston Marathon. But I'm being honest...I don't want to hang out in the freezing rain to had water to runners who don't want it...does this make me a bad person???


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