Scenic 26 mile tour of austin

So yesterday I took part in an austin tradition. the freescale marathon. no i did not run in it. i provide a team of hydration engineers. okay, my work volunteered to work a waterstation :) I was totally dreading it with the freezing cold weather but once it got rolling it was quite a bit of fun. I was totally amazed by the number of runners and the speed of the elite runners. we were at waterstop mile 11. so about half the race started 30min late...7:30am and we saw the first group of runners at 8:45am. 1 hour and 15 mins and the elite runners were almost half way through. THAT IS CRAZY! I was so impressed by the runners, not just with their ability, but also kindness and appreciation for the volunteers. It was also cool. I saw a handful of people i knew running the race. I even ran into a girl i met my freshman year in jester east. so congrats to all the ones brave enough to take the scenic tour of austin!


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