Rave: Laguna Gloria & Mayfield Park

Took advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon and went walking around Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park. I never knew that Mayfield was there. We ran into by accident b/c LG was closing. I was so suprised by how beautiful it was. And of course the peacocks were cool too. Would recommend a trip out there on the next pretty day you have off.
Laguna Gloria
Location: 3809 West 35th Street west of Mopac
Hours: Villa: 11-4 Daily Grounds: 9-5 Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sun. Weekend Public Tours: 1 pm Admission: Suggested donation $3 Parking: Free parking on the grounds or along 35th Street Telephone: Driscoll Villa: 512.458.8191 Tours: 512.495.9224, ext. 313 The Art School: 512.323.6380 Grounds Rental: 512.458.8191, ext. 255
Mayfield Preserve and Park
3808 West 35th Street
Mayfield Park and Preserve is next to Laguna Gloria Museum on West 35th Street. The grounds have a paved parking lot, restroom facilities and drinking fountains.

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