rave: qui - june 20, 2013

so i've been patiently waiting and watching to see what the awesome-sauce paul qui is doing here in atx and all over the world.  and i've been especially interested in how the incubation of his namesake restaurant has been progressing.  the vague "opening spring 2013" has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting and wanting.  

so when public school posted the above video, my excitement increased by a million fold.  not only because a date has been set (06/20/13!!!), but because this video provided a rare glimpse into how much heart, thought and soul paul, deana, and their team have put into this gem. i've never had a doubt the food will be amazing.  in fact, i'm already drooling. and no doubt the space would be gorgeous just based on paul and deana's sense of style. but what impressed me and made me love the restaurant, and can't wait to eat there even more is the immense amount of thought, consideration and austin that have been included. the way paul talks about wanting to make this space something that will impact his community and the genuine-ness of his intentions are evident when he speaks about qui. and that fact that he sourced locally - not just for ingredients to cook with, but everything from aprons to architects - speaks volumes of what kind of heart this restaurant will have. with their fearless leader leading the way and keeping true to himself, i can only see amazing things to come for qui.

so here's to counting down the days...

just saw the article on eater austin (http://feedly.com/k/1b18x8t) and it talks about food! omg...06/20/13 can't come soon enough. 


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