rave: kiernan shipka

love the show she's on.
love her closet and sense of fashion (and she's only 12!).
love her. (pointe, testing for her black belt, makes her own clothes, can laugh at herself, plays guitar and piano, likes to cook.)
can't wait to see what kiernan shipka will do in the next 5 to 10 years.

and for an in depth look at her closet, check out this post on the coveteur!
i'm kinda jealous...
i'm sure she will be (if not already) taller than me.  i wonder if she'll let me have the clothes she's out grown...
and i'm not sure why i didn't know of all these high end kids clothes i can tap into...i'm already obsessively searching...

you can follow kiernan on twitter @kiernanshipka and instagram @kiernanshipka


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