rave: louis vuitton + marc jacobs + paris = beautiful love affair


i don't have enough words to describe louis vuitton & marc jacobs paris fashion week show. it really is over-the-top and lavish. i did not get to catch the live webcast, but did watch it the next day. and really...omg!  and if you saw the spring show (just the set up alone is awe inspiring) this was equally if not more impressive. before we even get into the clothing and bags, let's just address the steam train. yes, a train. a louis vuitton train.  how apropos since LV is all about the bags and the original pieces were steamer trunks.  what a statement! it provided a focal point and such a romantic, of another era theme for the show without taking away from the actual stars. it makes me want to travel by train...and own some LV steamer trunks.  you really need to watch the show to see the amazing-ness of it all.

as for the rtw fall 2012 clothing and bags, oh, i think i'm in love. as models/passengers stepped off the train, each girl was escorted by a porter carrying her beautiful LV bags.  the clothing were in a-line, bell silhouette providing a very feminine feel without being frilly. and the bags...they were beautiful as always. there was so much visually to take in:  the cut of the clothes, the sparkling over-sized buttons, the luxurious fabric, the sky-high mary janes, the hats, the sunglasses, and all the bags in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. 

louis vuitton and marc jacobs really outdid themselves again.  i cannot even fathom what they are going to do next.  whatever it is, i'm sure it will be visually stunning from the smallest detail to the showcase itself.  

as if the fashion show was not enough to close out paris fashion week, the louis vuitton marc jacobs exhibition at the louvre’s les arts decoratifs opened with a star-studded event later that evening.  LV has posted the recorded version of the live broadcast which you can watch on their website.  i cannot believe marc jacobs has been with louis vuitton for 15 years!  i love how marc brings a bit of street edge, whimsy and intrigue to such a classic iconic label.  i am a huge LV fan.  i can still remember my first LV bag purchase and love affair has just continued to grow.  there are so many pieces i covet.  on my one-day-i-must-own wish list is a travel trunk. and if i were dreaming really big, i'd like an vintage piece.

bryan of bryanboy.com attended the beautiful affair and you can read all out his experience on his blog.  if you happen to be in paris between march 6 and september 16, i highly recommend checking out the retrospective. just to be able to see the collection all in one place would be breathtaking.


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