rant: rest in peace whitney

with whitney houston's recent passing and her "coming home" memorial service this weekend, many have honored and remembered her with the song she's most known for. from the grammys to glee, i will always love you has been sung as a tribute to whitney. as i was surfing through some blogs today, i came across a performance that i wasn't expecting.  chris cornell, front man of soundgarden, audioslave and temple of the dog, played a solo show fundraiser for president obama in san francisco a couple nights ago.   and as an encore, he played i will always love you - which he only just learned. check out the video of his live performance.

as a fan of soundgarden and audioslave, it was a treat to hear cornell play acoustically. and to hear a song not usually in his genre or gender.  i have to say i am amazed to see how many are affected by whitney in her short 48 years.  at her memorial service this weekend, it was only fitting that kevin costner, her co-star in the bodyguard, gave her euology.  at the end, he could not have sent her off with better words:

"maybe [today's generation of young girls are] thinking they aren't good enough. i think whitney would tell you: guard your bodies. guard the precious miracle of your life. then sing your hearts out, knowing that there's a lady in heaven who's making God himself wonder how he created something so perfect. So off you go, Whitney. Off you go, escorted by an army of angels to your heavenly father. and when you sing before him, don't you worry. you'll be good enough." - kevin costner

rest in peace whitney.


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