rant: asian + alcohol = red faces

my BiL brought home some yummy cheese and salami from hubble and hudson tonight, which worked out perfectly because my sister and i wanted to try a bottle of sparkling wine we picked up at costco today.  so before dinner we noshed and enjoyed the yumminess.

just now my mommy was trying to cap the bubbly and i told her no need because we'll finish it tonight.  she mentioned that whenever my BiL drinks alcohol he gets all flushed.  i said yes, most asians have that reaction and hence the name asian flush. my smart-ass self had to add, thanks to paupau (her mom), my sister and i don't have that issue.  she use to give us shot glasses of guinness when we were kids.

my mom the proceeded to tell me i'm terrible...and i'm forever grateful to my paupau that i don't look like i just ran a marathon or have to pop a pepcid ac every time i drink.


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