rave: a little man

b and i have a tendency to find strays in our neighborhood. i believe this is our 5th find.  most of the time, they have tags or the owners come looking for them within the day.  but yesterday, as b left for work, he saw "little man" running in the streets. so he called me and i went out after him.  it took me and a couple neighbors a bit of time but i finally caught him and he let me put a leash on him and take him home.  after a bath and some food and water, he conked out.  so signs have gone up and postings online for lost pets have been posted.  for now, i have a temporary "new child".  my "real child" (luca) is off visiting grandma and grandpa so he's in the dark.  but i'm pretty sure he's gonna be pissed if little man is still here when he come home in 10 days.  so, lets hope little man's family shows up :)

*UPDATE: much belated, but i'm happy to say little man was reunited with his family.  he had quite an adventure before it happened though.  so after the signs had been up for a week, no one called for him.  b&i had to go out of town for the weekend so my wonderful neighbors volunteered to watch him.  they have two dogs so it would be fine.  i let them know he's a pretty good escape artist and should probably keep him gated when they leave the house.  so apparently during the weekend a big storm came through atx and little man got freaked out.  he proceeded to jump over the baby gate, out the doggie door, dug a huge hole under the fence and ESCAPED!  my neighbor called as soon as they got home but they had no luck finding him.  i was so sad!  poor puppy out in the rain. 2 days later i was poking around on the town lake animal shelter site and i see him!  i immediately called them and let them know the situation since after 7 days, dogs turned in are put on the adoptable list.  they lady there promised to keep me updated about his availability.  amazingly 5 days later, i get a phone call, and this man called asking about little man, he'd seen our sign at the neighborhood library.  he and his family live across a major road about 1.5 - 2 miles away and were shocked to see a sign of their lost dog.  i told him the crazy story of where their dog is and to call town lake immediately.  he was so grateful and in the background you could hear his little girl screaming for joy :)


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