rant: dream and ye shall find...

every night i read in bed before falling asleep.  it helps me wind down and gets my brain to stop thinking so much. recently, with the cooler-than-usual weather in TX, while reading in bed, my arms and hands get cold.  naturally, i just keep switching arms.  one arm holds book, other arm gets tucked under the blanket...switch. so that goes on for a while until i'm sleepy or my arms get tired. this method has worked well so far with the current book since it is not the size/weight of a brick (hardcover, less than 1 pound). but with the last book and book before that (both paperback each weighing over 2 pound...one closer to 3 pounds), there have been moments where cold arms/fingers have caused the books to slip out of my grip and fall on my face.  i have on more than one occassion wished for something to just cover my arms/hands while i read in bed. i know what you guys are thinking:
  • long sleeves - i do wear long sleeves to sleep...they just slid towards my armpits when i hold a book up, exposing said appdenages to the elements
  • gloves - i've tried, but the lack of finger texture and dexterity makes it hard to turn pages
  • snuggie - do not even say it. i have refused from day one and will continue to. it's just wrong. but even if i did, same problem as long sleeves...slippage
  • heating - we turn it on, but not very high since it dries out nasal passages and causes nose bleeds.  besides our eskie would be very unhappy if we took away the one season that he loves.
so as i scanned twitter this a.m., and i see this tweet from clotilde of the blog chocolate & zucchini:
clotildenet: a duvet with sleeves + gloves for reading in bed: http://bit.ly/ccUMsF (of course the index finger is free for page turning) (30 minutes ago from Tweetie)

happiness in bed has a fabulous solution!

maybe this will be my next "home improvement" investment...after floor to ceiling shelving, wall artwork, and paiting my kitchen cabinets.  better yet, i wonder if my mommy could create one from an old duvet cover...


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