rave: 3 years

happy anniversary b!
thank you for
encouraging me to train for my first half marathon
(and not being grumpy about my alarm going off at 5:30 a.m. for my morning runs.)
allowing me to take up *most* of the closet(s)
eating all my cooking/baking creations - good and not so good
taking luca on walks
indulging my costco, target and purse addictions
watching cheesy girlie shows like gossip girl and vampire diaries with me
washing the dishes
appreciating food, esp late night sushi, as much as i do
putting up with all my craziness!
i love you lots...here's to many more happy anniversaries!
and look what i received at my office today! lucky i didn't get tackled by co-workers making the quarter mile walk back to my office.
the man knows the way to my heart...my sweet tooth.
Thanks baby :) can't wait to eat them...
i may sneak one or two before i get home. shhhh!


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