rant: fashion ≠ lots of $$$

i'm always surprised when people are shocked to hear where i shop and the cost. the reaction is always, "really?!?" and "it's so hard to find stuff when there's so much stuff in the store".
i will be the first to admit i love fashion. but i'm also cheap. it's genetic...my mom and my sister are both bargain shoppers too. (sidebar: i will admit i love designer purses. that is where i tend to spend my $$. but even with that, i prefer outlet stores to neimans, saks, or boutiques.) my general feeling is that with a little leg work (or googling) and some patients, you will always find a better deal then just walking into a top name brand store or online store (i know, instant gratification is nice, but i think having money in my bank account and knowing i spent a heck of a lot less is worth more.) also knowing what you are paying for and if it is worth the price will go a long way. two of my favorite places to find a good deal is forever 21 and target. and what i discovered today even shocked me. Look at the two bracelets below:

they look about the same to me...maybe just slightly different but that could be because of the angle the photo is taken at. below are the two screen captures from two different online stores showing the price difference.

$135 vs $12.80?!?!? are you kidding me??? i would like to go out on a limb and say both were "imported" from the same factory in asia somewhere. so why the enormous price difference? keep in mind, the $135 is not even from a boutique...it's a mainstream store found in most malls across america. okay so the $135 says Swarowski crystal and the $12.80 says rhinestone. would you know if they really put in Swarowski crystals? can you tell by looking? do you really care if the price difference is $122.20? i don't :) so go forth and shop smart!


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