rave: 13.1 miles in disneyland

So after several months of training in the texas heat (austin had 68 consecutive days of 100+ degree weather) , my first half marathon is done. it was a lot of fun and i am really glad i got to run this with my sister and brother-in-law. i have to say, i'm happy with my time. but i do think we could have actually finished faster if we a: didn't have to start at the back with the walkers/3:00 pace group. we did quite a bit of dodging and weaving the first couple miles. (my sister and i also realized all that side to side motion made our hip joints hurt.) b: we did take a bathroom break in the beginning. but hey it was the one and only non port-a-potty bathroom on the whole run.

I have to say, the Disneyland Half Marathon was a lot of fun! if i was not so concerned about the time, i think i would have taken lots of photos. All the characters come out for the run when you run through California Adventures and Disneyland. You also run through the back parts of the parks. the best was runing through Angel's Stadium. very cool! i'd probably do this one again someday. maybe i'll have the energy to do the disney coast to coast challenge. princess half marathon march 2010, anyone? maybe i'll even dress up!

next up:
October 24, 2009 livestrong challenge austin 5K
November 1, 2009 susan g. komen race for the cure austin 5K
January 10, 2010 usa fit sugar land half marathon
and maybe
February 14, 2010 austin half marathon

happy running :)

ps: the rest of my socal trip was awesome too. but i'll save that for another day. glad i got to see everyone in socal!


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