rave: good reads on nytimes.com

came across several very interesting articles on nytimes.com today. (thank goodness for the rss feed!) they were on topics that are near and dear to my heart...food and shopping. and they all touch on human impact on our environment. if you're looking for some quick reads about fruit foraging, consuming fish with or without guilt, knowing where your seafood comes from, and malls of the future, check out these articles.

i think it is important think about where our goods and food are coming from and what/who it affects. growing and sharing fruits and veggies is something i am familiar with. my parents and grandmother have always had gardens that produce a variety of yummy edibles. i still get a supply of fruit from their garden every time i visit. i mean, if i can get starfruits, guavas and papayas free why not? and sharing/trading is a past time among their church members. every sunday people bring their extras to share with other families. some trade vegetables. some trade fruits. some trade home made edible goods. this sharing and trading of what you have plenty of is now catching on in communities across the country. in reality it is just a flashback to an older time. i think in our quest to make life more convenient, easier and faster paced, we've forgotten that the way people did things "back in the day" wasn't so bad...it was actually good.

i know i could be more mindful of where my food comes from and where i purchase things. i am trying and learning. as a seafood and sushi lover it is hard to hear that we are depleting the ocean of its inhabitants. i do agree that we should be more careful of what, how, and how much we take from the ocean and be sure that we give back. what i've realized is that most fish mongers, butchers and employees at the grocery store/farmers market love that you ask questions. education is half the battle. and i want to know and learn so my children and my children's children and their children will also know, taste and love the things i love to eat today.


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