rave: livestrong goes guerrilla marketing

lance armstrong and livestrong has turned to guerrilla marketing...graffiti chalk art. i think this is way cool. one of the best marketing ideas out there. it's amazingly beautiful, creative, not permanent, interactive and really gets people's attention. The above artist, James Jean made this masterpiece in venice beach, ca. his mural attracted 600+ passersby to take up a piece of yellow chalk and join in. click here to read more about the event and see the more photos of his amazing work. Also, livestrong used yellow chalk at the ToC also. here are some photos on flickr of people's yellow chalk art.

as a marketing professional, i totally admire it. not only is the artwork impressive, but the number of impressions made in one afternoon for the cost/time investment is amazing! advertisers/marketers would pay big bucks to have 600+ engaged participants on any given day...even week. i have to say i've even used the idea and some other crazy guerrilla marketing schemes. (see below) good news: people noticed. bad news: people noticed and the downtown business district association in austin was not so thrilled...they sent us a cease and desist order. oh well, at least i did not go to jail.


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