rant: why is being cheap only chic during a recession?

on ccn.com's living section, there was an article today about how cheap is now chic since we are in a recession and it's just not cool to flaunt that you have disposable income...even if you do have some. like buying a ferrari now would be a big no-no. why can't being cheap always be chic? i admit it...i like nice things...some ridiculously expensive and frivolous things. there is one certain thing/brand i have paid a crazy amount of money for at...i hate to say it...full retail. but that was a rare occasion. for most things, it is bargains, sales, outlets and online.

i am cheap and i am proud to admit it. i have no shame admitting that i have always shopped the clearance racks first, i love tj maxx and marshall's, outlet malls are better than real malls (really! why would i pay $100+ for a pair of pants at banana republic when i can get almost exactly the same pair for less than $50 regularly at the outlet...or for the really frugal, the clearance rack for less than $30.) and then there's target, costco and sam's. (both costco and sam's sell name brand clothing, purses and such...i got joe's jeans at sam's for under $50!) I will even go as far as hunting online for the best deals with coupon code discounts and free shipping thrown in.

when i find a good buy and i know i scored a deal, i wear it proudly as a badge of honor and am willing to share that news with whoever will listen. like this great skirt i purchased at forever21.com for $28 when i saw a designer one just like it for over $300. or for my nephew's birthday present...i really wanted to get him a remote controlled dino. but all the cool ones were over $100. i though that was a little much since he may not even play with it. but by chance while at costco i found d-rex and he was selling for $35. i was so happy...not only did auntie mindy get a great toy, it was a steal! i called my sister immediately to share the great news because i knew she'd appreciate it.

i believe it's a persons right to spend their money as they see fit. who am i to judge what you think is a good deal? people may think i'm crazy because i like nice purses. but i also think paying $100+ for a pair of jeans is nuts. but that is me. everyone has different "must haves". but bargain hunting, cheapness, frugality, or just smart shopping shouldn't be chic just because we are in a recession.

Maybe it's because of how i was raised...bargaining is not just acceptable, it is expected. both my parents and my sister are big on finding great deals...we are proud of our bargain finding abilities and share our finds willingly. my paupau is the queen of cheap...cheap in the good, now chic way. i never thought trying the get the most bang for your buck was exceptional...it is just how i live. i mean, why pay more for something when you can get it at least half off if you put a little effort and/or wait a week or two? i mean, if you really need it/want it that badly, isn't a little work to get it worth it?


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