rant: *new* instant coffee by starbucks?!?

Font sizeJust read an article on nytimes.com about starbucks entering the instant coffee market. Due to hard economic times, companies are needing to change their market stragegy and positioning...understood. Sometime those changes are risky and sometimes risk pays off...understood. instant coffee accounts for 40% of all coffee sold globally, making it a $17 billion business. of course, starbucks would like to get a piece of that...understood. what i am confused about the way they are going to start selling it...why start selling inside their coffee shops ( in seattle and chicago only on launch day March 3 and then they will start moving it out to other markets.)? wasn't the whole point of going to starbucks is to get a fancy drink made for you? wasn't it more about the experience and the luxury of going then just coffee? this could go 2 ways...really well and starbucks will gain new customers during these hard times or it will totally backfire and people and loyal coffee fiends will turn their backs on those tempting white and green cups.

americans are not big on instant coffee. it is definitly more popular and acceptable in europe and asia. americans equate instant coffee to senior citizens. i for one am a huge fan of instant coffee. i drink it every day at work. this is usually b/c i am too lazy to make drip coffee at home...okay i rather sleep a little more. so i have vinacafe 99% of my mornings. and i have to say, its better than that brown water that is served up here at the office...much better...even smells better. my co-w0rkers agree. and at the price of 24 packs fo $2.99 ($.13 per cup), i can't complain...especially when i drink 2! so switching to the new starbucks brand, via, wouldn't be a huge deal...except for the price tag...12 packs for $9.95 (about $.83/8oz cup). still i think i'm willing to try it. will it become my only instant coffee? not likely. but then again...they will be selling it at costco and target in late spring...and you all know how much i LOVE those places.


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