rant: why should women be punished for taking care of themselves?

On nytimes.com today there was an article which discussed how cost for individually purchased health insurance is significantly higher for women. Insurers are saying since women tend to use health care and are going to have annuals and checkups is why the premiums are higher. I see a really problem with this. I mean, because a woman is being proactive in taking care of her health and going for check ups for early detection, we have to pay more. But since men typically avoid the doctor's office like the plague, and wait for things to be worse and have more expensive treatments, they pay less? This really doesn't make sense. On top of that, what gives an insurance company the right to make a cost decision based on sex? As a country, we need to make so significant changes to how we look at health care and health care providers. If you have time, read the article and let me know what you think?


King Kong Rah Rah Rah said...

insurance companies (whether its health, auto, home, life) all charge based upon statistics and actuarial analysis. like they charge smokers more than nonsmokers. granted that smoking is a negative health indicator, but i don't see how it is unfair to charge healthy women more than healthy men based upon health service usage. it just stinks if you don't land in that average... ie. a healthy woman who hates going to the doctor. just my 2 cents ;)

King Kong Rah Rah Rah said...

hm.. yah.. should've read the article first. seems that the disparity is quite large.. around 20-35% greater for women. that is a bit large, but i know that having a baby at a hospital is very expensive.

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