rant: do i really need to see that clearly?

i finally got my eyes checked. it has been 7 years. that's long enough for your old eye doctor to trash your records. in all reality, i just wanted new glasses. i am vain. and a label whore. as much as i loved my nine west glasses, i wanted something more fun...and variety. since i did not know my prescription, i had to do the whole testing thing.

lucky enough, i know someone who's an optometrist in town. an added plus, he's on my insurance! so i went to see dr. lou at signature eye care and he and his staff did a great job. they also had a fabulous selection on glasses so i was extremely happy. so after 5 machines taking images of my eyeballs (yes including the one that blows a puff of air into your eye) and taking the traditional large "E" eye chart test (which i was slightly dyslexic at), i found out my vision hasn't changed. it also confirmed that my eyes were healthy so that's good.

so on to the part i had been looking forward to...glasses. after about 3 pairs, i picked one. the funny thing is, i almost bought sunglasses just like them. now, i'm obsessed. i spent an entire conference call surfing this sight and picking out my next pair(s). like i really need more than 2 pairs. but i must. i have red, and now black...how about some brown ones and even some green or pink ones for fun. oh, did i mention i only wear them to read or work on my computer?!?!

i am ridiculous...


Anonymous said...

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