rant: feelin' good and my toy obsession

so i've been attempting to go to the gym before work every tuesday and thursday since i really need to get back in shape. (it's not cool to be wheezing at your desk for 20 minutes after taking to stairs to your office.) and so far not bad. i'm not as wiped as i thought i would be and i can see some improvements already. but still to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to go work out isn't exactly what I call my favorite thing to do. but today, i feel MUCH more motivated to continue...it's just what i needed too.

After my morning workout, I stopped into the HEB (grocery store in TX) to pick up something for lunch since i left mine at home. while i was standing in front of the vast lean cuisine section, a gentleman in his late 30's early 40's walked by and stopped. and he said, "excuse me, i don't mean to bother you, but i just wanted to let you know you look great. i just thought you should know that. have a great day." and just like that he walked off. now, in the wrong context with the wrong person and said in a creepy way, this would have been awkward and icky. but the way this guy said it and his demeanor didn't make him creepy. just sounded genuine and it really made me feel good. as a woman in this day in age, i feel that females have a hard time taking compliments. i know i do. I feel like i have to justify it with some witty comment. women either can't except a compliment or feel like the guy is just hitting on you. but i have to admit it felt good and sometimes the perfect answer is just, "thank you so much." we all have things we'd like to improve and work on, but its nice to be appreciated for you efforts...even if it is by a stranger.

Also, as of late, i've been obsessed with toys. no, not just hello kitty (but i am) but all things cute. b and i were just having a discussion about the kung fu panda happy meal toys last night and i'm more and more obsessed with tokidoki and all their characters. what surprises me is how darn expensive these toys are. but come on, how clever is this:

this is mozzarella and her moofia

i love it!!! too freakin cute. and for those who have visited our house. b & i have some toys...star wars, spiderman and transformers potato heads, a labbit, some cactus pups, ciao ciao & adios, the urban outfitter hello kitty set...you get the picture. so now i'm trying to figure out why i'm so obsessed with collecting the whole set of them...can't just have one or two...must have all. i think i've lost my marbles. the overwhelming cuteness has taken over...*sigh*


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