rant: they made outlook and cell phones for a reason

i hate when people insist on appointments at the earliest possible time and then flake. especially when you are trying to earn my business...especially if your company is providing a service. then blame it on, "i sent you an email letting you know i need to reschedule. didn't you get it?" the morning of the appointment. am i wrong to expect customer service from someone in the service industry? the courteous thing to do would be to call some one and let them know instead of sending an email. you'd call your friends if you needed to cancel. i would see that as doing your part on providing great service. don't wait for your potential client to call you. prove to me that you are worth my $20k. yes...i'm about to dish out $20k...not personally...but still.

what irks me even more is when you call me back, you tell me you've done the proposal and worked it out that you can stay within my budget. seriously, i'm giving you $20k to feed 500 people grab and go breakfast...that is $40 for breakfast tacos, danishes, coffee and juice. honestly, i appreciate your work, but how do i know you actually already did it? you could be working on it now because you didn't do it yesterday? so how am i suppose to believe that you will provide me excellent service if i hire you? how can i be sure that you won't be late or not show up at all for my event? so, now i've got to re-arrange my day tomorrow and squeeze you in. i think i'm going to go visit some of your competition this afternoon...maybe they'll provide me some service...like actually having a meeting with me and wanting my $20k.


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