rave: apple press event today - UPDATED

Check out macworld.com for the live update of the event going on right now :)

whole new line of ipods...including one that is just like the iphone...

okay...so steve jobs is done with his press conference and the link above will let you read the transcript and see some photos of the new line up of ipods...including the iPod Touch...the iphone looking ipod. only difference is no phone option and thinner and more memory. more importantly, he announced that they are dropping the 8gig iphone price down from $599 to $399...starting today.
other things announced:
  • iphone ring tone maker - using of course itunes
  • shuffles updated with new colors including project (red)
  • nano is redesigned - full metal construction, better 2" screen, video capable, cover flow, new UI, and games
  • ipod classic - full metal case, new UI, 80gig and 160gig models now,
  • ipod touch - just like the iphone minus the phone part...yes wifi is part of it and so is safari among many great features, 8gig or 16gig models.
  • apple & starbucks partnership
All in all some really cool new things for ipod/iphone/itunes...continue in the world dominance apple!


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