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Sarah Jessica Parker launches Bitten

so i have to say i am quite excited about this. unfortunately, there is no steve & barry's here in austin. :( i'll have to either go to san anotnio, houston or kileen. i don't think i would be this excited if i didn't find some great things at s&b's when my sister, b and i went a couple weekends ago. we even braved the torrential rains to go...yes, my sister and i are shopaholics. we admit to our problem and have learned it is gentic...it comes from my mom :) but hey, at least we are frugal shoppers. back to the topic...so yeah, we found some pretty good buys. maybe it's because we are not expecting the greatest quality, but were surprised the fit was good...better than decent. my sister and i both purchased jeans and some tops. cute tops...similar to old navy..but a little bit cheaper. i got 2 dress shirts for $10 each and a brown top for $8. they also have lots of fun t-shirts. the jeans, i have to say, i am VERY impressed. i have a really hard time buying jeans....especially since i'm not willing to drop $150+ on jeans and am vertically challenged an have hips. so i was surprised when their jeans fit...and were totally cute! so i purchased 2 pairs for $22 total. and i have to say they are pretty comfy (i'm wearing them now) sure, they are not sevens, joe's or anything like that, but I have to say, not bad for $11.

so now i'm really wanting to go see the sjp line. i'm even tempted to drive to san antonio tomorrow or sunday to look. if anyone has a s&b's and has gone to look, let me know what you think.


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