rave: combi + food = genius!

i know i don't have kids but my sister and her kids are showing me some pretty nifty things that i, as a child, did not have. i use to think that certain things were overboard, but the truth of it is, i think i'm just secretly jealous that i didn't have these things as a kid. even my mom thinks they are nifty.

Combi's Mommy's Food Processor
Instead of using scissors that can rust and trap food/bacteria in places, this thing on the right can cut food into smaller pieces AND it is all completely plastic and one piece construction. The spoon is to smush things...but any spoon can do that. my sister and i tried it out and we cut pizza, raspberries - and they did not get smashed into unrecognizable bits, cucumbers, dried fruits, fresh peach, noodles, and fish cakes. and it really did perform. for a couple bucks, that was well worth it.
Combi Chop Sticks Trainer
This came about because the older child wanted to use chopsticks. we've tried all sorts of methods and gadgets from here to asia and none of them worked. but this one, it was great! he was picking up food like a pro! and as he learns, you can remove the trainer and use them as regular chopsticks. two thumbs up.

*both items were purchased at The Right Start. visit the combi website for more retailers.


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