rant: weekends

it seems like my weekends are more busy than my weekdays. i mean, yes, it is a different type of busy but i kind of miss sitting around at home with nothing to do :)

this weekend was a little of both. i went down to houston b/c i had to work sat. morning in baytown. we had 104 krbe out doing a radio remote. it was fun...just really hot and muggy so made working on a sat. that much tougher. i will post pics later. but i have to be thankful that it did not pour rain until after. i got to my exit off of the hwy to my parent's house and sheets of water just came pouring down! it took me almost 20 mins to get home when it should have only take less than 5. and it was totally flash flooding. i got home, showered off all the insect repellent and sunscreen, hung out with my parents for a bit and went off to meet my just because space for some quality girl time. we headed over to lot 8, which i've been wanting to visit for a while now. we needed to find something to wear to our dear friend's wedding in NYC next month. so I ended up talking her into buy two fabulous dresses and i picked up a beautiful halter dress for the wedding. (i would post pics, but i had to ask my just because space to help me take it back there to get the security sensor removed. oops.) ahh, the memories of our trips to the mall when we were in jr. high buying candy and crazy clothing. then we walked around the rice village some more and had a yummy dinner at kubo's. then we headed over to this chocolate, truffle, gelato place for dessert. i have to admit i was feeling a little sad...not because we were having a bad time or anything. but i knew that we wouldn't be having these spur of the moment girl times anymore once she is a married woman and moving to "music city usa". having been friends with someone for over 2 decades is pretty impressive...i'm sure gonna miss her. i have no doubt that we'll be friends forever, but i'll miss having my buddy in houston. got home and found my mommy in the kitchen making mango pudding (YUM!) so i helped out, learned how to do so. it's actually pretty easy. i will post the recipe sometime soon.

So that pretty much wrapped up sat. then there was church sunday morning, then back to my parent's home to pack up and drive home to see b and luca. and that pretty much wraps up my weekend. next weekend isn't any better...going away party on friday, working sat. in san antonio, then housework on sunday. boy...i need a weekend from my weekend.


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