rant: tossed cookies...

before i start this post, i have to say...i really love my pup. he's the best and greatest dog ever. i could not ask for a better dog. i mean come on, how can you not love this face?!?!

okay...on to the post.

so, i've had this urge the last couple days to bake cookies and to use my new kitchenaid stand mixer. and not just any cookies, but sugar cookies and learn how to decorate them with icing and such. (yes, occasionally, i get these overly time consuming ideas that i have to do...ie: like making cards to give to people or planning and designing my whole wedding.) so i searched for recipes in my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, Food Network, Epicurious and even in my binder full of recipes i've clipped over the last 10 years. none of them interested me or were way too much work for sugar cookies. finally i ran across gordon and yvonne's blog and she had a recipe for cookies AND icing! and the photo of the finished product looked amazing. so i went to the store picked up all the necessary ingredients, made the cookie dough tuesday night so it could chill over night as the recipe instructed. so yesterday, i get off work, and i get to baking so I can the cookies can cool off. i go to work with the cookie cutters trying to make perfect longhorns, duckies, planes, teddy bears, dogs, and martini glasses. after about an hour of cookie cutting and baking i was done. and pretty darn proud. by the last batch (3rd in the group) they looked perfect and they tasted so yummy! so i let them cool on the kitchen table.

now, during this whole time, my beloved dog is laying right outside the kitchen entrance (because he's not allowed in the kitchen when i'm cooking since i'm a klutz and drop stuff on the floor.) so i'm sure he was totally being tortured. to make it worse i went straight into cooking dinner...so double whammy. all this time, my beautiful cookies were all just hanging out while b and i eat dinner. mind you, luca at this point isn't even sniffing around the kitchen.

after dinner b & i had to go run an errand. we were gone no longer then 30 mins...max. before we left i even pushed the cooling racks further back on the table and pushed in all the chairs just in case he got a little bit tempted to go after the cookies. alas, the will power of the little white dog was stronger. we get home, he's all happy to see us then suddenly he lowers his head, and uncurl his tail and walks straight in to his room (laundry room) as we head to the kitchen. and to my shock and horror, he knocked over the rack of perfect cookies...not the first two batch ones that were slightly too brown or misshaped...the perfect ones. to make things worse, he ate 15 cookies. that is a whole lot of calories and sugar for a pup his size. i was furious with him. and he knew it. he was sitting in his room, head bowed, ears back, tail tucked between his legs..."i'm sorry...i couldn't help it. the cookies were taunting me." so to say the least he is in solitary confinement for disobedience and just in case he tosses his cookies. oddly enough, the only two cookies he did not eat from the batch were the two dog shaped cookies. they were left sitting on my kitchen floor, perfect, untouched, not even chipped.


King Kong Rah Rah Rah said...

haha. too cute. those pets. at least yours is smart enough to eat something edible. my cats go for plastic bags and strings and ribbons.

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