rant: a man and his pants

Judge Tries Suing Pants Off Dry Cleaners via NYT.com
this really pisses me off. not just because i'm asian or an immigrant. just because this judge is that cocky, power hungry, selfish, self centered, and just plain mean. i mean seriously...$67.3 million?!?! This makes me think he doesn't deserve to be a judge. he doesn't seem to have good judgement. he obviously has no problem abusing the power he has, or the legal system. i mean seriously. it's a pair of pants. they offered a settlemen. get off your high horse and let's not waste every ones time and resources. and please don't cry in court...especially over a pair of pants. this just proves my theory of more idiots in the world. he ranks right up there with the TB infested lawyer and that whole family. and as an employee of the city, this isn't the way to win any sympathy from anyone...he's on the city payroll as an attorney adviser to the Office of Administrative Hearings, at a salary of $100,512. go buy your self another $1200 suit and move on. better yet, find a hobby.


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